Thursday, May 5, 2016

Texting and Driving PSA Contest Winner Announced
The law firm of Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz sponsored a TEXTING AND DRIVING Public Safety Announcement (PSA) CONTEST for local high school students. The contest was part of the law firm’s Put the Phone Down ( campaign that began in 2013.

The winning entry was submitted by Stefan Hustrulid, a freshman at Florida SouthWestern Collegiate High School. Hustrulid’s winning video outlined the dangers of texting while driving and earned both him and his high school $250.

Put the Phone Down is a campaign to help educate motorists on the dangers of texting and driving. This year Goldstein, Buckley, Cechman, Rice & Purtz enlisted the help of high school students to help bring awareness to young drivers on the alarming statistics of distracted driving caused traffic crashes. Lee, Collier and Charlotte County high school students were invited to submit a video PSA to help make people aware of the dangers of texting and driving. The winning submission would be awarded $250 to both the individual and the individual’s high school.





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